Thrift Shop Theology: Seven Reasons Macklemore Was Right

We've all heard the song. Macklemore made second-hand shopping hip and managed to brand brandlessness. But I've always liked thrift shops. I like the eclectic frugality that they offer. In fact, for five years I worked at a nonprofit thrift store called Samaritan Shop, which donates its profits to feed the homeless and hungry across Northwest Arkansas. Of... Continue Reading →

Environmental Care: The Original Call to Serve and Protect

When God made man, he didn't make warriors. He didn't make kings, priests, factory workers, doctors, nurses, or even policemen. There was no need. Instead, God made gardeners. Our primary role as human beings is as worshipers of God, bearers of His Image (Gen. 1:27). Our original function within that role, where our worship manifested itself... Continue Reading →

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