We Are Refugees: The Gospel for a Migrant Church

One by one, borders are being closed to the masses of innocent people scrambling for safety and shelter. In response to the recent terror attacks in Paris, multiple states including Michigan, Texas, and Arkansas have added their names to the list of off-limits territory for refugees fleeing their dangerous, hostile homelands. Why? Perhaps people are... Continue Reading →


Knowing God in All Things: Taking Divine Omnipresence Seriously

Any honest person will admit that there are times when God seems absent from the events of this world. He doesn't appear to hear our prayers, ease our pain, or grace us with the comfort of His presence. He allows genocide, injustice, war, and disease. He provides no immediate comfort for the lonely or oppressed. What is God doing... Continue Reading →

Burying Abel: Living through the Fall

We've never known how far we Fell because we were not there before we dropped. We've grown accustomed to death; our culture is marinated in it. We are desensitized to it, unmoved by it, and often entertained by it. We know nothing of thornless ground and sweatless brows. We know only the thistles and weeds by which we toil for our daily bread.

God and Violence: An Introduction

This is not a blog about Pacifism or Just War, but it is a blog about the common life of the Christian community, a life that inevitably rubs shoulders with the ethical questions bubbling up to the surface of this broken world. And in a broken world, the Christian community is forced to deal with the... Continue Reading →

Punk Rock, the Arts, and the Image of God

Christians should identify well with the darkness and depravity in art, as they understand that creation is currently under the power of the evil one, and the human condition is darkened. God has not given up on mankind in their depravity but pursues them through, sits with them in it, and plans to redeem them from it completely.

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