He, She, Ze, and Jesus: Why the Church Is Wrong about Gender

I recently spoke with a friend who denied binary gender. The working assumption in his worldview was that gender is fluid, and it is important to discover who you are in and of yourself. These discoveries should not be limited in definition by what is deemed 'orthodox' or 'mainstream.' Still, according to my friend, the... Continue Reading →

Burying Abel: Living through the Fall

We've never known how far we Fell because we were not there before we dropped. We've grown accustomed to death; our culture is marinated in it. We are desensitized to it, unmoved by it, and often entertained by it. We know nothing of thornless ground and sweatless brows. We know only the thistles and weeds by which we toil for our daily bread.

God and Violence: An Introduction

This is not a blog about Pacifism or Just War, but it is a blog about the common life of the Christian community, a life that inevitably rubs shoulders with the ethical questions bubbling up to the surface of this broken world. And in a broken world, the Christian community is forced to deal with the... Continue Reading →

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