The Common Life is a a multi-authored writing project aimed at exploring the profound depths of the Christian faith and presenting them in a way that is both challenging and accessible. Many of today’s resources are either too shallow to swim in or too deep for comfort. Our hope is that we can offer some meaningful whisper in the midst of a noisy polarized culture.

That said, our topics will be eclectic, ranging from gender identity to punk rock, from pacifism to experiencing God’s omnipresence. But no matter how wide-ranging, we hope that all of our subject matter will be helpful, thoughtful, and engaging.

The Authors

Skyler (left) and Dylan (right) preparing to hike up to Qumran cave 1, site of the first Dead Sea Scroll discovery

Dylan Parker is a husband, student of Biblical and Theological Studies, lover of diversity and culture, and a native of Northwest Arkansas. When he’s not studying or working, he enjoys reading, writing poetry, and living life with his beautiful wife, Jennifer. He writes concerning practical theology, social justice, and Christian ethics. His driving question is this: how do we engage at the intersection of faith and lived experience?

Skyler Martin is a husband, father, philosophy student, and native of the Midwest. He currently resides in Branson, Missouri with his wife Kayla, and their two children, Daniel and Damaris. When he’s not studying or working, he enjoys songwriting, poetry, and exploring with his family. He writes concerning culture, philosophy, art, social justice, and environmental stewardship.

We are open to any questions, critiques, and suggested content. Feel free to email us at thecommonlifeblog@gmail.com.

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