Evil and the Justice of God by N.T. Wright (A Review)

Evil is still a four-letter word. At least, that's what N.T. Wright would encourage us to grasp in his book, Evil and the Justice of God. It is still alive and well. We did not leave it behind in the 20th century. We have not reasoned our way around it. No, despite our intellectual pomp, despite our... Continue Reading →


Four Starter Books on Christian Stewardship

I've been thinking a lot about Christian stewardship. It's not the most popular topic in the world, but it seems to be gaining traction in modern times. When I think of stewardship, I think of Lord Denethor, steward of Gondor. Perhaps that's a bit nerdy, but stick with me for a second. Lord Denethor was given stewardship... Continue Reading →

Where is God When New Kings Rule?

Where is God when new kings rule the nations? Where is God when, despite all the pomp of progress and "moving forward," the nations of the world seem to be dragging us backward into chaos? Could God possibly be in Cuba with the seemingly immortal Castro? Could He possibly be in Russia, or has Putin shoved... Continue Reading →

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